Type of Support Provided

Support provided by E2 ranges from the early strategic planning, to all logistics and tactical details throughout the roll-out of the events. Among others, these services include the following:
  • Strategic Planning: E2 can suggest themes and creative ideas depending on the occasion, define strategic objectives and messages for each as well as identify the related requirements to address them appropriately..
  • Venue Selection & Set Up: E2 identifies and secures ideal venues suitable for the type of event/exhibition to be held and set the venue space accordingly.
  • Third Party Selection: E2 identifies if any third parties is needed for the organization and the implementation of the undertaken project, including companies or individuals providing hospitality, entertainment, catering, advertising or any other desired services.
  • Event Promotion: E2 is of fully promoting any type of events by optimizing awareness and participation levels; providing support in the design, printing and mailing, in booking spaces and stands for participants, in establishing registration and confirmation systems for visitors, and in assisting in any needed flight and stays' accommodation.
  • Communication Material: E2 is equipped to efficiently recommend and develop all or part of any event's communication campaign including the writing, drafting and publication of press releases, the handling of media and press relations, the editing and printing of all promotional material, etc.
  • Other Logistics: E2 manages and plans all or partial technical and logistical aspects of any venture depending on the client's request.