E Square's exhibitions are either the company's own exclusive independent projects or ones that are organized for clients. Exhibitions provide opportunities for businesses to increase their exposure and showcase their products and services, while keeping customers informed of all new developments. Thus, there are mainly two types of exhibitions, both of which can be fully organized by E Square:
Trade Fairs & Exhibitions Consumer Fairs & Exhibitions
(Business to Business) (Business to Consumer)
  • Trade Fairs and Exhibitions (B to B): they provide an opportunity for businesses in a specific sector to effectively interact, network with uppliers, distributors, wholesalers and others. They present also a unique platform to discuss new partnerships and future developments all the while showcasing the latest in the market under one roof.


  • Consumer Fairs and Exhibitions (B to C): they provide an ideal opportunity for businesses to showcase their newness and latest offerings directly to consumers, benefit from an exceptional tangible-ROI opportunity by generating sales and building impressive customers data-base all the while optimizing their company, brand or product awareness!