E Square is committed to introduce special and differentiated event management services and proceedings with a unique value proposition that will surely set it apart from the existing local and regional field's players.

Rather than being a young and "new" company, E Square was born from years of experience thanks to the relentless efforts of it team of trained professionals. This has allowed the company to build its brand promise around four key dimensions where it pledges to outperform market standards:

  • Innovation: E Square team is dedicated to continuously innovate in terms of its clients' service and its constant quest to seek new opportunities in line with the consumer lifestyles' evolution in Lebanon and beyond.
  • Professionalism:E Square provides a high level of service quality which is further entrenched by its staff's professionalism, perfection and performance and by its management's active participation and leadership in helping drive and build a service quality culture.
  • Team Driven Culture: E Square is dedicated to the personal and professional development of its employees by providing a positive environment enabling them to prosper and grow personally as well as professionally.
  • Customer Care: E Square is committed to provide customers with an unmatched level of care and attention, adding a personalized touch to all its services, and investing in developing and cementing long-lasting partnerships.
  • Responsiveness: E Square team will remain alert and responsive to its clients' requests and will always be ready to swiftly answer any pressing need or solve any unfolding crisis that may occur during an event or exhibition.