Dear Friends,
Over the years, EID Group actively took part in the outstanding economic development of the Middle East and Gulf region, and remained committed to its role in contributing to such a positive progress. EID Group's commitment always started in Lebanon, a country known for its exceptional human resources and brilliant minds. While launching several operations and companies in Beirut geared towards helping the Lebanese youth find attractive employment opportunities and develop their future career based on sound advice, our group has also fuelled the regional economic growth by helping businesses from Lebanon and beyond fulfill their objectives and aspirations.

In a nutshell, our mission starts with a wholehearted dedication to building a brighter tomorrow and to helping businesses thrive further. We invest our resources in identifying the expectations of both the businesses and consumers, and in efficiently addressing them to guarantee better economic, social and cultural well-being in Lebanon and eventually throughout the region.

We have drawn our experience and expertise from years of empowering the personal and professional development of individuals, helping business executives and professionals define their career and assisting companies meet the challenges of the new century.

Tania Eid C.E.O.
Today, we can proudly say that we have further capitalized on this experience and expertise to bring a new dimension to our group with the launching of our newborn event and exhibition management company, E Square.