The E Square venture was born from years of accumulated experience in event and exhibition planning. Among others, the group organized the “Forum de l’Innovation Scientifique Francophone” in 2001 in partnership with the “Agence Universitaire de la Francophonie”, a series of other conferences taking place at a variety of Lebanese Universities, and FORWARD, our landmark event in the recruitment and career consulting field. These events helped our team develop a unique proficiency in the field of event management.

The ongoing success of FORWARD which has been taking place on a yearly basis since 2001, and of all other events called for the establishment of a dedicated team of professionals in charge of planning and implementing events from beginning to ending, with a painstaking attention to detail allowing them to handle all details throughout the planning and development of events.

As the CAREERS team and the entire group developed more expertise in event management, we have developed an interest in bringing new and more innovative exhibitions and events to the region, whereby we would cover a diversity of industries and sectors which are still underleveraged in Lebanon and which offer a strong potential for growth.

This is how the E Square venture was born, by looking at evolving consumer lifestyles in Lebanon and the region which called for an increased exposure to innovative products and services; and at businesses seeking opportunities to reach these consumers effectively.

FORWARD 2009 was E Square’s first event and more events will be revealed as E Square starts to unveil its future plans. E Square will bring to Lebanon, among others, “In-Shape”, the region’s first exhibition of its kind in the Middle East, covering all health, beauty and fitness related products and services.

E Square will also provide its event management and exhibition planning services to a variety of clients from different backgrounds for any type of event ranging from Gala Dinners to larger events including business conferences, exhibitions and others.

E Square’s value proposition is twofold: on one hand, the company organizes its own exhibitions and events based on a key trend or opportunity that the E2 team identifies, and on the other hand, it also helps clients organize their events  and exhibitions.